Owner Profiles

Jim Kivela

Jim Kivela, President & Co-Owner

Passionate about manufacturing, Jim remains confident that his extensive knowledge and experience benefits each and every customer he serves. Jim knows that leading his business means knowing all there is to know about machining and maintaining top-of-the line equipment and processes.

Jim has been in the manufacturing field for 35 years, starting his career at Acro Automation. After starting the business out of their father’s garage in 1995, Jim and his brother John opened their first shop in Milwaukee in 1997. The continually growing company is now located in the Germantown Industrial Park.  

Jim is a member of the Tool & Die Association of Wisconsin and NFIB. 

John Kivela

John Kivela, Vice President & Co-Owner

John brings another 37 years of machining knowledge and experience to the successful company. John is fully versed in Surf Cam, various inspection processes, and excels at precision machining to make customers’ most intricate parts. 

John continues to develop his skills through on-going machine seminars and training to improve the inspection process on our FARO measuring arm.

John is a member of the Tool & Die Association of Wisconsin and NFIB.

“Jim is willing to go the extra distance to provide exceptional customer care”

- Dave Michalski, Pro Engineering and Mfg Inc.